Expert Trainers

Alongside Louis Browne is a team of fitness experts who will enrich your training experience at Phi Club.

Daniel Gaunt.jpg

Daniel Gaunt

Daniel (Danny) Gaunt is a women's personal trainer and group exercise instructor based in Kent and Sussex. He specialises in home and gym personal training, conditioning, slimming, core, legs bums and tums, calisthenics, explosive strength, HIIT and combat.

Danny believes that fitness should be made accessible to everyone, and that anyone can be encouraged, supported and coached to be able to accomplish something great. Danny did not do any fitness throughout his teens and struggled with his weight and body image well into his 20’s. When he was 24 he badly ruptured his achilles tendon and gave up on any idea of fitness altogether. Now, with a changed attitude, he’s more driven, wiser and fitter than ever.

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Georgia Mahony

Georgia Mahony is a personal trainer, independent health and wellbeing consultant, nutritional advisor and exercise referral specialist based in London. She believes that knowledge is power in all aspects of life, so learning and applying good exercise and nutrition habits is key.

Georgia's aim is to change the stigma around exercise and healthy choices. Getting in shape is not meant to be a torturous endeavour - she vows to always make it an enjoyable experience.

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Oscar Evans

Oscar Evans is a personal trainer, acupressure therapist and nutritional advisor based in Dorset. He holds a holistic approach to wellbeing and fitness, which began when he trained at a Shaolin Martial Arts Academy in China. Inspired by his time there, Oscar returned to the UK, qualified as a personal trainer, and then trained in advanced nutrition, sports massage and acupressure massage.

Oscar believes fitness should be fun and challenging, but not out of reach. By making the overall experience a joyful one, he believes we can all push ourselves that little bit further, gaining positive results and smiles all round!

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Dan Byrne

Dan Byrne is an advanced personal trainer with over 10 years experience working in the health and fitness industry. He works with across a variety of levels: from beginners get started in a gym environment right through to hosting Olympic teams in preparation for competition.

In his personal time, Dan enjoys climbing, socialising, food and has a general love of the outdoors.