Don't just take our word for it! Here's what people thought of our fitness retreats:

It’s been absolutely incredible, I’ve never actually been to a fitness retreat before so I was obviously a little bit apprehensive. The team were amazing, every exercise was so well thought out, I never thought in a million years I could do this but apparently I can!
— Ed, Phi Club Retreat Attendee

It was brilliant to have so much expertise with us for the weekend, just correcting all the little things that we’ve been doing and keeping us going. The food was amazing - I’m a massive foodie and we’ve been fed so well. We’ve now got a WhatsApp group for working out and I think we’d all like to come back and do it together again!
— Dominique, Phi Club Retreat Attendee

It’s a great crew! I’ve progressed my own fitness. It’s been hard, but also enjoyable. Brilliant food and great company. It’s been nice to get away from the hustle and bustle.
— Arek, Phi Club Retreat Attendee

Everyone’s really chilled, everyone’s come from lots of different walks of life but we have one main similarity which is that we like to train, we like to be outside, we like to be healthy.
— Amy, Phi Club Retreat Attendee

I’ve reached outside my usual fitness/comfort zone and thrown myself into something and I feel so liberated because of that. The food was incredible too, it felt like a reward at the end of each day.
— Ed, Phi Club Retreat Attendee