Working to complement the clients' enthusiasm and commitment; Louis and yourself will create a programme that will deliver you the results that are
a testament to why all of Louis' clients (to date) have been exclusively personal referrals

  • Expert in Calisthenics
  • One to one
  • Couples and Group Training
  • Functional Training
  •  Resistance training /Kettle Bells
  • Weight loss
  • Powerplate
  • Rip trainer
  • Stability Ball training
  • Core stability
  • Pre and Post Natal
  • Body Combat
  • Muay Thai Kick Boxing
  • TRX Suspension Training

My personal sports interests are Athletics (Selected for Elite Athletes), Surfing (Winner of Pro Surfers Competition, W. Australia 06), Skiing and Snowboarding,
Muay Thai Kick boxing (Trained in Thailand), Parkour (Free Running ), Bartendaz (park training).

Watch some of my YouTube videos below for a taste of what we can do!