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Phi Club


For over 14 years, Louis Browne has been creating bespoke personal training programmes for clients of all ages and fitness levels. His tailored personal training has enabled his clients to achieve and maintain their individual fitness goals.

A highly enthusiastic and personable trainer, Louis set up Phi Club to embody his clients' perfect performance and fighting spirit. His clients enjoy his training at home, in the studio, and outdoors across London.

What does Phi mean?

Phi, also known as the Golden Ratio, represents nature's most aesthetically-pleasing proportions.

It was famously used in Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa, and can be found across our world: from flowers and leaves to your very own body.

Here are Phi Club, we believe in the ultimate divine proportion of mind, body and spirit.

Fitness is the key to encompassing movement to strengthen the body, improve cognitive function, and connect more deeply with oneself. Our holistic approach is found in everything we do.

Why join Phi Club?

Phi Club is made up of individuals all working towards their best self. With our all-encompassing approach, we can give you the tools to improve your body, mind and spirit, in a friendly and supportive manner.

Our expertise spans a number of fitness specialisms and we provide fitness retreats for the ultimate weekend away.